Copyright © 2017, Paul Scrivens-Smith

Copyright © 2017, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Baggage (1)

Those of you following the blog will know that I've been busy painting painting troops so that we can re-fight some American Civil War games using Sharp Practice. As these are small scale skirmish games I think you can really enhance the effect with the other stuff that you put on the table, with that in mind, at the 'Derby Worlds' earlier this month I picked up a pair of Peasant Wagons and a couple of  draught horses from the Warbases stand.

The first wagon is their Peasant Cart 2 MDF model, a simple to put together kit. I know that some people like to leave them in the laser-cut mdf look that they come in, but I preferred to paint mine. The load of this cart is a pile of Noch Wildgrass Foliage heaped in the back.

The second wagon is their Peasant Cart 3, for this I used some of the great items in 'A fistful of baggage' from Great Escape Games. Again the wagon was painted, but in a darker shade than the first.

Finally a rummage around in my bits box revealed three donkeys/mules/asses to complete the set. Some of these are a bit suspect, one appears kitted out for dungeon adventures and another is loaded with arrows and crossbow bolts, but I doubt anybody shall care too much.